Why Buy Refurbished?

Do the environment and your wallet a favor:

Go GREEN by purchasing used IT equipment

ReUse vs Recycle
Reuse vs Recycle
  • While recycling is an excellent practice that is proven to help our environment, reusing is exponentially more effective.

  • According to a study by the EPA, recycling recovers approximately 25.5% of materials and energy.
    Re-use, on the other hand, is 100% effective.

  • At Smart Dragon, we focus on re-using perfectly functioning and powerful IT products. 

  • Not only does this help the environment - it saves you money as well!


Adding 3 additional years of life to a computer heavily reduces the impact that electronics have on the environment and contributes to a more sustainable world!

Save Resources
Save Resources

Producing one laptop consumes a tremendous amount of energy, raw materials, greenhouse gases, and chemicals.


  • 70% of the energy used by a laptop in its lifetime is consumed during production, not during consumer usage


  • Manufacturing one laptop requires 250 Kg of fossil fuel, 1000L of water and emits ca. 270 Kg of CO2


  • Microchip production uses vast amounts of rare earth metals, most of which are limited in supply